Excellence in Civil Litigation for Plaintiffs and Defendants.

Whether you are being sued, or forced to take legal action yourself,

William Zieske brings over a decade of experience as both

A FIGHTER for individuals and small clients


A big-firm lawyer DEFENDING small businesses and entrepreneurs

Zieske Law ANTICIPATES both sides and the STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES of your opponent.

A Sensible Way to Pay for Legal Services

Imagine freedom from oppressive contingency fees, and from hourly billing.

We talk to you up front – and all along the way – so you will never be surprised by the size of your legal bill or get in over your head.

Zieske Law evaluates your case for no charge, and works with you to create the right fee structure based on

The value of what you stand to gain or lose in litigation

The complexity of the legal work required

And an informed, honest evaluation of your chances of success.

We also take into consideration each client's ability to pay. Then we work with you to make sure you are satisfied with the fees before we proceed.

However big or small your legal problem is, you will never pay more than the value of the legal services you receive, no matter how many hours we work for you.

Because All Disputes Are Not Created Equal.

Most lawyers use the same approach to all disputes. But every situation requires a different strategy, and a lawyer who can recognize that fact.

Whether you need . . .

A litigation strategist to handle a complex commercial dispute

A hard-hitting litigator for a dispute that won’t settle

A firm negotiator to get you the best resolution possible

Or a calming influence to get you out of a sticky situation

. . . you will find it here.

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