Art is beauty, and business.

Art rewards. Art challenges.

Creating and bringing works of art to their audience requires an appreciation for both the beauty and the business of art.

Art business usually means small business. But even small businesses face disputes as complex as any Fortune 500 company’s - and perhaps more crucial to your survival.

Art law.

Whether as an artist, gallery, auction house, investor, collector, or casual buyer or seller, you need access to the same excellence in litigation avoidance, dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration and trial advocacy.

When the uniqueness and importance of art leads to disputes over ownership, copyright, authenticity, a transaction or loss, there is a place to turn for the best representation - without paying the unrealistic hourly fees charged by big firms.

Art lawyer.

William F. Zieske has led high-profile litigation and trial work for national and international law firms since 1997.

Zieske Law now provides the same broad-minded, strategic litigation and dispute resolution services - but with realistic fees.

Minimizing overhead without compromising on excellence and individual attention, Zieske Law focuses both on your end result and your bottom line.

Industry experience counts.

Zieske Law offers a decade of dispute advocacy for artists from the internationally-known to emerging talents; for major fine art auction houses, collectors, galleries, authenticators, consignors and eBay sellers, as well as musicians and fine instrument dealers.

Most important, Zieske Law understands both the beauty, and the business, of the art world.

Zieske Law's Legal Palette

■ Litigation and resolution of disputed ownership, attribution and authenticity of fine works of art and other rare and valuable property.

■ Strategic representation in copyright and trademark litigation, and litigation avoidance.

■ Consignment and auction sale disputes.

■ Licensing disputes.

■ Litigation involving fine art assets of estates, trusts and private foundations.

■ Insurance coverage litigation for loss and damage to fine art, and appraisal disputes.

■ Restoration and conservation disputes.

■ Litigation relating to commissioned works, works for hire, public art, derivative works and fair use.

■ Business governance disputes.

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