Qualifications and Expertise

Ten Years in the Highest Levels of Chicago Law.

For more than two decades, I have worked intensively (and often around the clock)

  Trying cases in front of juries and judges, in state and federal courts

  Advising big-firm lawyers on litigation strategy, planning & execution

  Arguing and advocating for clients, before most civil judges in the courts of Chicago and collar counties

  Managing litigation, keeping it under control and cost-effective for clients

  Managing crises and obtaining emergency legal relief for individuals and businesses

  Analyzing liability exposure, probability of success and the balance of costs and benefits

  Representing clients through crucial mediations, arbitrations and negotiations, to obtain strong settlements

  Working with and for clients as a team, to prevent unwelcome surprises.

We can help with nearly any legal dispute except criminal defense and family issues.

Small business governance and control, including not-for-profit businesses

All commercial and contract disputes

Family disputes over trusts, inheritance, and foundations

Business names, trademarks and copyrights

Slander, libel and defamation

Agreements restricting competition, disparagement or solicitation between former partners or employer and employee

Utility disputes

Collections and demand letters


Vendor and other contract disputes

Wrongful death, personal injury and property damage claims

Insurance coverage for injuries and damaged or lost property

Real estate disputes

Fiduciary duty litigation

Disputed transactions and ownership of valuable art, antiques and heirlooms

Medical practice buy-out and other partnership disputes between professionals




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